He maru ahiahi kei muri te maru awatea. He paki arohirohi kei mua.

After the shades of darkness comes the dusk of dawn. Whilst before lies the shimmering glory of a fair day.

Te Ru Koriri Wharehoka

Visit Parihaka to share a story of survival against all odds. A story of heartbreak and tragedy, a story of promise and redemption.

In 1865 the settlement of Parihaka was created by the Taranaki Prophets Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi as a spiritual refuge. A place where the art of passive resistance was founded.

Over two thousand Maori from all over aotearoa(New Zealand) joined them and so the story of Parihaka became embedded in the hidden conscience of this country.

We invite youto share our culture and traditional practices that are woven into this landscape and the hearts and minds of our people unique to the taranakiregion.

Also we welcome you to hear our ancient chants, experience the twirl of our poi and the quiver of our voices in the karanga and mihi, Partake in our kai(cultural cuisine), food that we harvest and source locally.

As we wander around our Pa we imagine the ancestors of our village and take a look into the past as we visit the historical meeting places of our people.


Come and visit the birthplace of Passive Resistance, where the prophets Tohu Kakahi and Te Whiti o Rongomai established a community seeking spiritual refuge against colonial hostility and oppression. In doing so their leadership would set about a chain of events that resonates in the hidden conscience of this country.

Experience a story of heartbreak and tragedy, a story of survival, a story of promise and redemption.

Enter into tapu (sacredness) as you experience the powhiri (welcome). Listen to the karanga (the calling) that heralds the entry onto the marae. Listen to the whaikorero (speeches), waiata (music & songs) at one of the three meeting houses. Then listen to the history of Parihaka, the prophets Tohu Kakahi and Te Whiti o Rongomai and their people.

Overnight at Parihaka Pa

   costs to be confirmed
  • Powhiri(welcome)
  • Kai(Dinner, breakfast, Lunch)
  • Full involvment of Hangi preperation
  • Story Telling
  • Entertainment
  • Guided tour around Parihaka
  • Weaving Workshop
  • Poroporoaki(farewell)

Full Day Parihaka Pa Visit


    Full day visits are available
    but are subject to availability of dates.
    Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Half Day Parihaka Pa Visit morning or afternoon

   $110 - $150 per person
   3 hours, Exclusive bookings are available on request.
  • Powhiri (welcome)
  • morning or afternoon tea
  • Story of Parihaka
  • Guided tour of Parihaka
  • Poroporoaki(Farewell)

Parihaka Pa Dinner Visit

   Currently unavailable
  • Powhiri (welcome)
  • Story Telling
  • Dinner(4 course meal)with Entertainment
  • Poroporoaki(farewell)
About Us
About Us

MAATA HIKOIKOI KI PARIHAKA is part of a unique, privately operated whanau (family) business, Te Whiri o Te Koka LTD, working towards providing a special, exciting and an informative experience for guests coming to our marae and meeting house Te Niho o Te Atiawa Parihaka.

This unique experience is home grown and naturally morphs into an experience like no other marae visit.

While observing traditional tikanga Maori (values and lore) the hau kainga (local people) will interact with guests and set the scene for what is to follow.



MAATA HIKOIKOI has an innovative approach to establish employment opportunities by creating a business with a difference and to embrace Maori entrepreneurial development within Taranaki.

Whilst this is a new business the process is not new to Maata Wharehoka who has been Kaitiaki(Guardian) of the Te Niho o Te Atiawa Meeting House since 1986 serving the people as a cook, cleaner, kaikaranga (caller), kaikorero (speaker) and many other roles that have come her way. She has enthusiastically contributed to maintaining many traditional Maori processes and is adept in Raranga (weaving), Rongoa (Maori medicine), Kaitiakitanga (caretaking).

Now after years of planning and gaining confidence from the residents of Parihaka, Maata Wharehoka sees this visitor experience venture as a huge breakthrough for her, her whanau and Parihaka


Dinner will be provided by the family members. Local talents will also be showcased. Please contact us for more information.


M.H.K is conveniently situated at Te Niho o Te Atiawa Meeting House, Parihaka Pa, Pungarehu, a small settlement off the West Coast of Taranaki 50km South of New Plymouth and 63km North West of Hawera which you access through State Highway 45. Surrounded by green grass and rolling country hills with scatterings of pine trees. It offers easy access and lots of parking. A picture rest is available for a shot of the mountain.

New Plymouth - Parihaka (SH 45)

When coming from New Plymouth you will pass Oakura, Okato, Warea and Pungarehu. As you pass through Pungarehu you will see the RD1 store on the left side, remember it is the last landmark before you reach Mid Parihaka Rd. Turn left onto Mid Parihaka Road and travel 2.5kms. A yellow Parihaka Pā sign points towards the entrance. Enter through the large stone posts while keeping to the left hand side of the fork drive slowly until you reach the first white building on the left, parking is on the right on the grassed open space.

Hawera - Parihaka (SH 45)

When traveling from Hawera you will pass through Manaia, Opunake, Rahotu. The Pungarehu Golf Club is on the left side of the road just before you pass over a bridge that ever so slightly curves to the right. There is Lower Parihaka Road on your left.Do not be fooled by that. Carry on another hundred meters and turn Right on to Mid Parihaka Road and drive 2.5kms . A yellow Parihaka Pā sign points towards the entrance. Enter through the large stone posts while keeping to the left had side of the fork drive slowly until you reach the first white building on the left, parking is on the right on the grassed open space.


What will I experience?

3 Hour Vist Morning/Afternoon

Parihaka is approximately 35-40mins south west of New Plymouth.

At Parihaka you will be welcomed onto the marae and into one of the three meeting houses and taken through a formal welcome (powhiri). You will be guided through this process with your kaitiaki.The final formalities of the powhiri (welcome) will be a kai (food) to whakanoa (free from tapu/ sacredness). A karanga (call) into the dining room will be sounded by a woman standing by the door.

After this you will return to the wharenui where you will be told a story of Parihaka by the people. Weather permitting there will be a walk around the historical sites while further stories are told. Interaction with people living on the marae does happen from time to time.

Full Day Visit

Full day packages are available and can be arranged but will be subject to available dates.

Overnighter with Hangi Lunch

Arrive at arranged time either 5pm or 6pm for powhiri depending on day light saving. Prepare the food for hangi for the following day. Hear the story of Parihaka told by our people and sense the spirit of Parihaka in the expression of karakia (incantation) and waiata (song). There are many stories to be told.

Breakfast will be served at 8am with a morning karakia (prayer) at 7am.

Overnight visitors may also be involved in welcoming visitors the following morning before leaving for their next destnation.

Dinner Experience

Specially tailored entertainment during a dining experience, this is an opportunity to enjoy our hospitality with close friends or family for that special occasion or event. We can develop this to meet your needs.

How do I pay?

To negotiate and/or organise group bookings please contact us directly.

What do i need to bring?

This is dependant on which visitor experience you have booked. For Half Day or Full Day visits there is no additional costs.

Overnight visitors can purchase or hire the following...
• linen
• bedding
• toiletries

Am I able to purchase or drink alcohol with my meal?

When Tohu Kakahi and Te Whiti o Rongomai established Parihaka one of their important values was to never drink alcohol. What they observed was the the negative impact alcohol abuse had on families, loss of land, and loss of mana. Therefore only one complimentay glass of wine is available with your midday or evening meal. Otherwise we administer a non-alcohol policy.

Is there a no smoking policy?

Our Meeting house and grounds have been smoke free for 15 years. We are proud of our policy and ask that if you want to smoke the designated place for smokers will be shown.

I understand that some places in Parihaka do not let you take photos?

There are places on our Papakainga where this is not allowed. We ask that you ask permission before taking photographs or video.

Do you cater for special diets?

Special menus will be provided when required. However we request notification at the time of booking so that we can ensure we have the appropriate dietary requirements necessary to ensure you have a quality visitor experience.

Do I have to speak the Maori Language?

It is not necessary at all. you will be guided on arrival.

I want to have this experience but I cannot cope with a large group.

Everyone is diffrent so we invite you to contact us directly so we can discuss your requirements.

How do I get there?

If you are driving to Parihaka please refer to our location map. You can get to parihaka pā by coming onto SH45 from New Plymouth in the North or Hawera in the South.

Once you arrive at the parihaka pā settlement referr to the provided map of Parihaka.

Am I able to bring children?

Children are an important part of our kaupapa (philosophy) so we welcome the opportunity of hosting children. Please contact us for more information and or requirements.

Why do I have to make a booking?

MAATA Hikoi Koi ki Parihaka has agreed with members of the Papakainga (settlement) to avoid the potential of excessive numbers of people coming into the Reserve every day of the week.

This is our private world which we have just become comfortable with sharing. To maintain our integrity we are providing a visitor experience not a pure tourism product. As such you will be OUR GUEST.

Therefore bookings are essential.

So why are you allowing visitors to arrive at Parihaka if the reserve is not open for tourism?

Because our Papakainga is rurally isolated and away from the main centres it has been hard to maintain our community when many of our members have moved away for employment and educational opportunities.

As a result our traditional houses fell into disrepair. We have observed that for nearly 25 years ‘time stood still’ and finding the resources to maintain the upkeep of our Reserve has been difficult.

We now recognise that sustainable tourism delivered as a uniquely authentic visitor experience may help us develop the resources we need to bring Parihaka back to its former glory.

What are the least number of people that I need in my group if I want to book a overnight visit to the marae?

We require a minimum of 2 people for half days(groups may be booked togeather), 2 people for the intimate exclusive(no booking with other groups) 4 people for the over night stay.

What is your maximum number you can cater for in your dining room?

We have room for 56 people seated.

If I book your marae for my own family or group to stay overnight, what are your costs?

Overnight bookings are dependant on availability of the marae, other events or activities that may be happening on the Papakainga and availability of your hosts. Advance notice and direct communication with us will ensure we can negotiate to meet your needs.

What are the other local activities?

We are working with a number of other Maori involved in the Visitor Industry and we can work to meet your requirements.

At this stage we can access...

• adventure activities (dam dropping, surfing, fishing, surfcasting, kayaking, biking, etc.)
• golf course accessibility
• mountain excursions
• B&B accommodation

What do I need to bring when I stay overnight?

If you have never stayed overnight on a marae before it may be a bit daunting as you will be sharing your sleeping quarters with a number of other people. But don't worry this will also be a happy and enjoyable part of your visit. We recommend you bring warm bedwear, sleeping bag, slippers, towel & toiletries. Ear plugs will also be available for purchase.

If there is a funeral at the meeting house what will happen?

From time to time death occurs amongst our resident's families or whanau connected to Parihaka and when that eventuates our meeting houses may be in demand for returning family and friends.

Should this occur unexpectantly we will make alternative arrangements to ensure your visit/experience is not disrupted.

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